About Us

History & Background

The business commenced trading in 1985 with Leslie Owen as its sole consultant. In 1986 Leslie Owen approached Norman Adendorff, who was trading as Equity IR. They formed a joint venture that would eventually culminate in a partnership arrangement.

In 1989, a National Consulting group was formed by the name of SPA Consultants (SPA being an abbreviation for Steuart Pennington and Associates) with offices in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.

For a variety of reasons, both Norman Adendorff and Les Owen felt that their interests would be better served in concentrating on the KwaZulu-Natal market. They withdrew their interests from SPA Consultants and Owen, Adendorff and Associates (Pty) Ltd was registered in 1993. The company has maintained an association with their former joint venture ‘partners’, both in Johannesburg and in Cape Town. Their Black Empowerment partner is Isiqwayi People Management (Pty) Ltd.


Vision, Philosophy & Values

As South Africa transforms itself into an equitable society with opportunities for growth and development for all its’ people, certain needs have become urgent in bridging the gap between layers and various strata of society.

Many were denied access to those institutions of society which provided a knowledge base on which to build skills. Only some members of our society have the knowledge and skills base. It is incumbent upon these members to transfer their knowledge and skills to other members of society.

The skills will be transferred by training and developmental organisations which reflect a transformed South African society. Those organizations must demonstrate that they themselves have the ability to transfer the requisite competencies and skills

The most pressing demand is for organizations to transform into genuine South African organizations. Specifically, Owen, Adendorff assists organizations in implementing the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment, Employment Equity and the Skills Development Acts. Owen, Adendorff represents three Black Empowerment Organizations and facilitate acquiring equity for them in businesses.

Our Track Record In Transferring Skills

As an organization Owen, Adendorff has brought into their business, young educated South Africans and have situated them in a learning environment.

Since 1990 a total of ten (10) young people have spent learning time in Owen, Adendorff’s busniness where they have acquired the skills of the two (2) partners. All have moved on to acquire positions of status in South Africa and abroad.

Owen, Adendorff has also implemented mentoring programmes in organisations where we have helped individuals progress to senior positions.

Certification / Credentials / Memberships

The Company is a registered member of the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM). In addition, Owen, Adendorff’s consultants regularly attend International Conferences in order to remain on the cutting edge of development.

The consultants are also members of IPM, two are Commissioners with the CCMA and two lecture at the Graduate School of Business, University of Kwazulu-Natal.