Broad Based Black Economic

The Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Codes (BBBEE) were gazetted on 9th February 2007. BBBEE implementation has now become a business imperative for most companies.

Owen, Adendorff is able to act as BEE consultants in the following areas:

1. Ownership Transactions

(i) Sourcing of suitably qualified and competent BEE partners

(ii) Facilitating the sale of equity to BEE entities

(iii) Facilitating the financing of BEE transactions via some of the major banks

2. Scorecard Readiness

(i) BEE PREPARED – Assessing the current BEE status of your organisation and providing recommendations for developing and implementing a strategic BEE Plan

(ii) BEE Veri PREPARED – Assisting your organisation to prepare for a verification (external BEE Rating) exercise, to ensure that you score well on your BEE Scorecard

3. Education, Training and Awareness

(i) Presentations on the BEE Codes, Plans and Policies to managers, key employees and/or suppliers.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict within organizations both between individuals and groups seem to be part of the culture of many organizations. Owen, Adendorff can assist organizations in identifying the level of conflicts both overt and covert and conduct interventions to assist parties to resolve their conflict. Owen, Adendorff works with organizations to help resolve conflict at Board and Senior Management Level in South Africa and internationally. Owen, Adendorff also teaches conflict resolution skills locally and internationally.

Dealing with Difficult people

Given the diversity of our workplaces in South Africa, Interpersonal difficulties lead to arguments which leads to hostilities between individuals, groups and departments. Owen, Adendorff specializes in assisting employees in learning how to cope and manage difficult people at the work place.


The Visioning Process: Leaders of the organisation determine the future vision of the organisation. Great leaders have a crystal clear vision of their future. Their followers will be clear as to where their organisation is going and how they can help the organisation reach that vision. Goals and objectives measure progress towards the vision. Owen, Adendorff helps organisations set vision, goals and objectives.
Strategy Setting: Using approved International Models, Owen, Adendorff facilitates Top Management Teams setting their organisation’s strategic intent.
Teamwork: Organisations today achieve the objectives through teams. Sometimes team members do not get on with each. Owen, Adendorff facilitates the process of turning difficult teams into efficient teams.
Tough Meetings: Owen, Adendorff’s consultants facilitate meetings where the parties are in dispute with one another. Difficult meetings can be made smoother by bringing in an outside independent facilitator.
Disputes: Owen, Adendorff facilitate the setting up of Dispute Resolution mechanisms and processes which can be implemented prior to disputes arising. Owen, Adendorff also helps facilitate the resolution of disputes.
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Relationships: Where the parties have a need to improve their relationships Owen, Adendorff has a number of interventions which can help. These interventions include:-
(i) Facilitating a relationship by objective exercises;
(ii) Facilitating a relationship building initiative; and
(iii) Facilitating the termination of a relationship through consensus seeking approach.

Employee Attitude and Climate Surveys

Understanding how your employees perceive your organization used to be a time consuming task. With Owen, Adendorff ‘s sophisticated wireless technology we can survey the attitudes, perceptions and beliefs of your staff within a few days. This enables you to measure the effectiveness of management to employee initiatives.

Employment Equity

The Employment Equity Act places an obligation on employers to compile an Annual Employment Equity Plan and to report annually or in some cases every two (2) years to the Department of Labour. Owen, Adendorff hasthe expertise and the knowledge to help you prepare an employment equity plan and to compile your report to the Department of Labour. Owen, Adendorff also assists in implementing mentoring programmes.

Human Resources

Given the fluidity of our socio-economic and legal environment, HR Policies and Procedures need to be updated on a regular basis. Owen, Adendorff has the capacity to manage your HR and IR department on an outsourced basis.

Industrial Relations

Les Owen is currently a Senior Commissioner at the CCMA and in addition does both Conciliations and Arbitrations at a number of Bargaining Council Dispute Resolution Centres. Norman Adendorff was a Commissioner at the CCMA for a period of 4 and half years conducting both Conciliations and Arbitrations.

Job Evaluation and Grading

Owen, Adendorff represents the P-E Corporate group in KZN and have the expertise to assist in determining your company’s pay curve.

Organizational Behaviour

Owen, Adendorff assists organizations in compiling their strategic plan and setting their visions, goals and objectives. Owen, Adendorff also assists in ensuring that this information involves everybody in the organization.

Performance Management

Owen, Adendorff assists companies to implement performance management systems to help improve productivity.

Remuneration Systems and Surveys

As representatives of P-E Corporate Services (Pty) Ltd, we assist in compiling a company pay curve. Owen, Adendorff helps implement job evaluation and train staff to grade and evaluate jobs.

Skills Development

The Skills Development Act requires all employers to submit an annual Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) to the SETA to which they belong. Only then can refunds for training be claimed. Owen, Adendorff consultants help with the practical application of the Skills Development Act including the claiming of refunds.

Strategic Planning, Vision, Goals and Objectives

Using the Ladders to World Class Performance we assist top management in planning and preparing for the future.


Owen, Adendorff’s training programmes are noted for being practical user friendly and relevant. Owen, Adendorff and Associates (Pty) Ltd. are SETA Accredited – Accreditation Number 2111.

Supervisory Training

Supervisors are the proverbial "meat in the sandwich" between the shop floor and Management.  Newly promoted Supervisors need a set of new skills to Supervise the Shop Floor effectively.  Older and more experienced Supervisors need to have their skills improved and increased.


Owen, Adendorff offers a comprehensive training programme in the art and skill of negotiation both commercially and in an industrial relations environment. Owen, Adendorff specializes in representing clients at the negotiating table ensuring you get the best deal.

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