Training & Facilitation


Disciplinary Training, including:

  • Chairing Hearings*
  • Preparing & Presenting*
  • Issuing Warnings
  • Performance Counselling

Introduction to Labour Law
Managing Absenteeism
Managing Ill Health
Preparing & Presenting at CCMA
Shop Stewards Training
Skills Development Committee
Employment Equity Committee
Diversity Management*
Employee Obligations
BEE Codes Overview
ISO Implementation


Working in a Team

“Getting Things Done”
Project Management
Supervisory Development
Basic Supervisory Skills
Negotiating Skills
Conflict Resolution Reducing
Shop Floor Conflict
Dealing with Difficult People
Customer Service 101
Telephone Etiquette
Email Etiquette
Sales Skills
Communication Skills
Presentation Skills
Effective Committees
Performance Management
Interviewing Skills
Time Management
Problem Solving
Personal Mastery
Work & Life Attitude
Business Ethics


Job Descriptions
Job Evaluation
Job Grading
Salary Structuring
Performance Appraisals


Modern Management Principles
Negotiating Skills
Persuasion Skills
Reducing Conflict
LEAN Processes

Leadership Development Program

Leading Like Mandela
Developing a Positive Work Culture
Leading through Change
Team Leadership
Advanced Communication Skills


The Achievement Process
Commercial Creativity
Creative Leadership

* Courses that are Accredited through Services SETA